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This hair is like nothing you have experienced!

It has the most natural texture and appearance. It is full of body, movement, and OH SO much bounce.
Our Raw Cambodian will easily be mistaken for your real hair.

Each Raw Cambodian piece is ethically collected from one donor. It is then cleaned, wefted, and delivered to us from directly from Cambodia. From there we sort the pieces, weigh our product, and perform further deep cleaning procedures. The hair is hand picked based on your order then delivered to you. Being that every bundle comes from a single donor, no two bundles are the same. We are offering a truly raw experience.

Imagine sitting in a room of 10 people with curly or wavy hair. You all may have curly hair, but everyone's curl diameter, density, and luster will be different. This is the same as our product. Our Premium Hair is YSL or Louis Vuitton quality, this hair is Chanel and Hermes quality. (If you know you know.) Not to mention it will last a many years if given proper love and care.
Our Raw Cambodian Hair is unique and so is the ordering process.
Simply submit your request and pay the non-refundable $200 deposit. We will select a set of hair that matches your request, taking luster, texture, and curl diameter into consideration. Once we have completed your request and ensured a beautiful match, we will email your invoice for final payment. Upon final payment, your order will be shipped. 

3oz = 1 bundle

We do not sell Cambodian hair by bundles! We sell Cambodian Hair by ounces.

Please use the chart above to estimate your total cost. 
This is only an estimate. Your final invoice will reflect your final price based on your request. Your final invoice will have your deposit deducted. 
Please only add 1 deposit to your cart per set of hair. If you would like multiple sets of hair you will need to add an ADDITIONAL product to your cart with DIFFERENT specifications. It is very important that we have one deposit per set of hair. Thank you.

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