PREMIUM vs SEA    ‘let’s talk about it’

PREMIUM vs SEA ‘let’s talk about it’

  • Erin H

What is the difference? Read below to learn more.

1️⃣ The easiest way to describe is to compare Louis Vuitton and Chanel. LV is an amazing brand with quality products that we all love and have had for many years. However, once you try Chanel…. 🤌🏽 Once you hold a medium lamb skin double flap….. 🙌🏽 There is a distinct difference in quality and materials. This does not take away from LV’s quality and craftsmanship. They are bother wonderful in their own way. At the end of the day, Chanel is Chanel.

2️⃣ PREMIUM is consistent. It will color consistently every time. PREMIUM will give you a consistent lift every single time. It is the easier to color by far and if you enjoy color I would start here.

3️⃣ PREMIUM is a more predictable product. It will not react to weather as easily as SEA. Humidity will not kill your style. If you are a novice with extensions and wigs I would start here for this reason. It’s is really easy to wear and easy to style. Wash days willl be a breeze.

4️⃣ SEA wigs are RAW , they will react to weather like your real hair (some of us love that)

5️⃣ SEA wigs are a bit more textured. This will give you the most natural look. If you wear leave out and your thinking about a U PART or wig behind the hairline, I would start here.

6️⃣ PREMIUM has a lower price point. PREMIUM is much more affordable. If you like to switch it up often or if your wanting to build a diverse collection, I would recommend PREMIUM.
If you are new to wigs, and this is your first one, I would highly recommend starting with Premium.

7️⃣ Are you a luxury girl? Have you been wearing extensions and wigs for a while? Do you wear the TOP hair in the game? SEA will be the one for you.