BTH wigs | What’s that all about?

What is a BTH wig? BTH = Behind The Hairline. 

This technique was designed for those that want to protect their hair, but still have that super natural look that comes from your wearing your own hairline out. 

Have you ever wanted to protect your hair and put it all away, but you “Just cant get with lace”? You “Don’t want anyone staring at your lace”. We have heard this one too many times. That’s where the BTH wigs came in to design.  Protect your hair, give it a break, but still enjoy the natural look of your own hairline.

Have you experienced breakage from tape ins, to micro links? Does your hair need a serious break from heat a manipulations? Has your leave-out been suffering from sew-ins? Maybe your experiencing thinning from medicine, hormones, or Mother Nature. You know its time to put your hair away, but your just not the type to wear lace. BTH wigs will give your the protection, while maintaining that natural look and feel you enjoy.

 EHH wigs are made with the best lace on the market, very thin, light weight and soft. Our knots are small, 1 hair per knot. We use a light weight breathable ventilated cap, that comes in 3 adjustable size. Oh caps and wig construction allows for a snug comfortable GLUE-LESS install. Even so, we have had plenty clients say “ I just can’t get with the lace”, or “ I don’t want any one staring at my lace.” LOL, we get it. Not everyone is comfortable with handling lace, no matte how easy we have made the process. Don’t worry, our BTH wigs are the perfect solution. 

Here’s how you install this wig. Section off .25in - 1in of the front of your hairline. Use the proper braid down, that compliments the style you want. You can choose to sew it down, or you can put it on daily. You will be in love! You can wear it sewn down for about a month. Washing and styling as you normally would. 


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